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Who We Are

From avid enthusiasts who are individual members, to clubs and association members, the membership spans 4 continents with over 10,000 member voices. We own and drive everything from early Jeep Willys and Land Rovers, to Broncos, Land Cruisers, and now just about every make of 4×4 and Sport Utility Vehicle available around the world!

UFWDA recognizes the growth of the ‘Side x Side’ OHV’s too and welcome their interest in ensuring access to public lands.

Many members take their families to the events and trail rides, but there are also single members who enjoy the benefits of the organization. On the trails you’ll find both men and women drivers and passengers alike, kids of all ages, and participants ranging from their teens to their 80’s.

Though we are an association of associations and individual members who make up ‘the whole’, the board members and directors are the guides for helping to keep the direction going with clear purpose and according to the voices of the delegates. To ensure business is taken care of, there are meetings held throughout the year, including ‘online webinars’ to update delegates and other interested parties, to make sure there is a steady flow and exchange of information. The Annual Meeting is also conducted ‘online’ to eliminate travel costs and allow wider participation.

Please enjoy looking through United Online, and learn about the benefits of membership for you, and for recreational four wheeling. Always “Tread Lightly! and enjoy a safe and responsible time.

Our Purpose

United’s purpose is defined in the bylaws as: “United shall be a non-profit association organized primarily to assist and represent member associations in issues as they relate to the use of motorized vehicles on public and private lands. No financial obligation is intended by this declaration.”

The purpose is achieved through stated objectives in the bylaws. These include working with member clubs and associations on land access planning and activities affecting motorized recreation; promoting, developing, and coordinating education programs pertaining to safe and responsible four-wheeling, and informing members of pending or proposed legislation or other activities affecting motorized recreation. United strives to assist government agencies to forumulate policies concerning trail use, improve recreation, friendship, and unity of the member groups through closer communication and organized activities.
  • 1960’s

    As the sport or recreation of four-wheeling caught on, friends and those who didn’t want to go out by themselves formed many clubs around the country. Sharing an experience is a lot more fun!

    After bumping into othere four-wheeling enthusiasts on the various trails, it became evident to these new recreationists that there were lots of areas to go, but… where were they? So, loose associations of these clubs formed with each other as a way to exchange information.
  • 1970’s

    The 1970’s brought an awareness of Nature and the intricate intertwining of the environmental worlds. The tree huggers advocated strict and immediate legislation to protect the Natural World. There were those among them who understood how to organize, and get contributions. As the millions of dollars flowed in, the environmental organizations influenced and lobbied to close down motorized trails and supported wilderness legislation. Trail riding was threatened as a form of recreation.

    Some four-wheelers formed a national organization called National 4 Wheel Drive Association and after a promising start, the organization folded within a few short years.
  • 1976

    Out of the ashes of the National 4 Wheel Drive Association was born the United Four Wheel Drive Associations. The dictionary definition of being ‘united’ is a confederation of persons or parties for mutual interest. United was started by two of the old National board members who continued to believe there was a need for a national organization of mutual interests and the incorporation was done in Indiana. Through members of the Montana Association and Pacific Northwest Association, a bond was formed with a Canadian association and United became international.