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United annual meeting November 22

November 3, 2022

Steve Egbert, President, United Four Wheel Drive Associations

To be held on 22 November as an online meeting via Microsoft Teams. Details will be advised ahead of the meeting on the UFWDA Facebook page and circulated via an eNews ‘special’.

Elections are needed for several roles that have ended their two year cycle; President, International Vice President and Director of Membership as per  Section 4. TERM OF OFFICE.

Each Director shall hold office for two years or until a successor is duly elected. Terms of Directors shall be staggered, the President, International Vice President, and Director of Membership elected every even year and Vice-President, Director of Public Relations, Director of Environmental Affairs, and Treasurer elected every odd year.

This year, following the loss of Jerry Smith, we also need a volunteer for the role of Director of Environmental Affairs.
Another volunteer role (ok, they all are) to be filled is UFWDA editor.

This is your opportunity to ‘give back’ to your recreation and to help make a difference. If you want to find out more on the roles, please drop an email to Steve Egbert


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